BHP Engine Remapping

Beckers Mechanical in Chester is one of only 200 official BHP UK agents. BHP UK is the market leader in ECU remapping and engine tuning.

BHP UK has over 20 years of experience in the engine remapping industry (previously known as chipping). All of our Beckers Mechanical custom remaps are developed by BHP UK in house team of map writers. We start the remapping process by testing the car as it stands, both on the road and on our dynamometer. We log various parameters of engine function including, air-fuel ratio, intake air temperature, engine coolant temperature, air density ratio, exhaust gas temperature, spark advance, RPM, turbo boost pressure, power output and torque. After we have this data, our strategies for tuning are put together.

Diesel Economy ECU Remapping & Tuning

Improved fuel efficiency savings & lower fuel bills are a reality you can enjoy thanks to our economy ECU remapping and custom-built economy engine remaps, 85% of our economy remap customers have reported immediate fuel savings!

Here at Beckers Mechanical, we will transform your diesel vehicle when you opt for our economy ECU remapping. You will be surprised at the difference our economy remap offers and the immediate change it will make to your fuel economy. Once your diesel car is remapped at Beckers Mechanical utilising the experts and in house team at BHP UK, we guarantee that you will notice the difference that an ECU remap makes, and as most of our customers have returned to us once they’ve replaced their car, so will you! We often get customers calling us before they buy a new car to find out how well the vehicle can be chip-tuned or remapped before they pick it up.

Use our car remapping service to increase bhp & torque in your diesel turbo engine ECU, utilising Beckers Mechanical ECU Remapping services, which can produce between 15-30% extra bhp, dependent on the vehicle specification. Remapped cars will be notably more responsive, by immediate power in the throttle input & no higher rev lagging either. The increase in torque & power gives the engine more gear flexibility & also reduces any need to shift down when overtaking.

What is ECU Remapping?

ECU remapping and chip tuning is the modern-day equivalent of tuning a car for performance and economy. No car tune is finished without an ECU remap.

ECU remapping is the process used to tailor the common functions set out within a vehicle’s ECU. An ECU is programmed by car manufacturers to control the engine’s functions & therefore all ECU’s need to be programmed with a lot of tolerance. Car manufacturers need to take this precaution as they have to cater for the diverse number of markets that their vehicle may end up in. The ECU needs to cater for the levels of neglect some vehicle owners show their vehicle engine, in terms of servicing & upkeep.

ECU remapping for commercial vehicles and vans can improve your vehicle’s towing performance, load carrying performance and provide greater fuel efficiency.

To find out more about our BHP Engine Remapping in Chester, get in touch online or call us directly on 01244 303050

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